Fingerboard mold production

Fingerboard mold is the most important piece in the process of making wooden fingerboard decks. Depending on what deck should be fingerboard metal molds can be different: some may have 3D engraved logo on top and/or bottom and some may be designed specifically for old school fingerboard decks. Whatever mold is, there is one thing that brings together all molds together in one place – it is a precise quality.

Our fingerboard mold are made from special aluminum alloy, thus they can handle up to 35 tons of pressure, do not oxidize (in most cases) and lasts for years. The accuracy of the mold is 0.05 mm. This means that your fingerboard deck will have perfect shape and ultra-perfect holes.

FBMold can create a customized cutting template specifically for your manufacturing process and special mold for trinkets and any other needs.

And if you do not feel yourself as a good manufacturer and want to only distribute and develop your fingerboard company, you can easily delegate a turnkey production of fingerboard decks to us.

Steps you go through whilst creating your own figerboard mold


Determining what you need

The first step to creating your professional fingerboard mold is to determine what you need deck to be. Size of tail nose, its width, depth of concave, shape of concave, distance between truck wholes, how would trucks sit under the deck and etc. We ask you everything what is needed even if you did not knew it yet. At this step you also make a complete payment for the work.



During this step we create prototypes of your mold. It is basically a brief 3D modeling of future mold. In 2-6 calendar days we create a few examples according to your demands, compare and determine the best one by multiple data. Here you will see a 3D sketch of your deck and the mold.


Mold development

After prototype is determined, we start building the original fingerboard mold. This process often takes 2-6 calendar days. When the 3D model of the mold is ready we show it to you to confirm the results.


Building the mold

As soon as you confirm the final mold we begin building it. It usually takes 3-6 calendar days. When the mold is ready, you get pictures of it and we ship it to you.


Shipping to you

Your beautiful mold is being shipped the fastest way possible to your location. Shipment is payed after it has been calculated. Tracking number of the shipment is sent to your email. Sipping can last from 6 to 30 days, depending on your location.


In your hands

You receive the mold and finally can feel it and check on your own and start making your new decks! After you made and tried first decks, we often as for your feedback. It is highly important to us that our cooperation is efficient.

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Pricing table

1 mold 2 similar molds 3 sim. molds and up
3D modeling from $90 - -
Mold production from $210 from $378 (-10%) from $504 (-20%)
3D engraving from $40 from $72 (-10%) from $96 (-20%)
Cutting template from $140 - -