Fingerboard deck turnkey production

Professional fingerboard deck production is not an easy process as it may seem from the first sight. When you hold a mold and the veneer in your hands you are only standing in front of tons of steps before your fingerboard deck gets it’s final look.

To produce professional, high-quality fingerboard deck you have to know what wood to use, which glue formula to use and where to find it, how long should you press the deck in a mold, how to prevent decks from twisting, how to cut the deck and polish it and many more important information before you even start making fingerboard decks.

Imagine that you start your own production, told everyone that you will soon present your decks and then realize that decks came out not that good and look of decks is not the same as expected. Now you invested your time, money and energy and have to start over again!

FBMold manufactures wooden fingerboard decks for you – you just get high-quality, perfectly polished, beautiful fresh decks with every supply. You also have a guarantee for each deck in case it has a manufacturing defect!

Why choose FBMold turnkey production?

  1. 1
    Possibility of producing 3-, 5-, 7-ply fingerboard decks

    We can manufacture decks from any number of plies. You can have a production of 4 to 8-ply fingerboard decks if you would like to. All decks are produced with high quality veneer, specific glue formula, high-quality polishing and lacquer.

  2. 2
    Each deck passes careful quality control

    After each crucial step of production we check every single deck for it’s quality. Veneer is checked before pressing, pressed decks are checked before cutting, cut decks are checked before lacquering and are checked one more time before packaging.

  3. 3
    Guarantee for each deck

    We give a guarantee for each deck on any possible manufacturing defect. Even defects is a rarity, when you have a lot of products there is a chance of defected ones. In case you get a defected product we replace it for you for free.

  4. 4
    Professional electro-hydraulic presses

    FBMold press machines gives the ability to produce 100 decks per day. If you have a limited time constraints it is possible to increase the production up to 200 decks per day. The manufacturing speed depends on type of decks you need and work load.

  5. 5
    Specific glue technology

    FBMold uses it’s own glue formula and gluing process which had been developed by us with time and a lot of testings. Our glue formula adds very strong pop to a deck, makes the veneer stronger and keeps the shape of deck exactly the same as it should be.

  6. 6
    We can use your own material

    FBMold has its own supplement of all materials, we can use your veneer, graphics, lacquer or even glue. You can delegate any specific technology of deck production to FBMold. All information and technology is totally confidential and is not being used for any other productions.

  7. 7
    Total confidentiality of all information

    The most important part is always an impossibility of disclosure of any kind of information. We keep in top secret all data about you and your company. Thus, nobody can find out “how”, “where” and “who”.

  8. 8
    Attractive packaging

    Selling decks is much easier when you have a good packaging for them. FBMold has a production of any kind of packaging from cardboard and plastic. We can create a design for you and create a professional look of the packed fingerboards.

High-quality blank decks

5-ply fingerboard wooden decks with any color you want. We paint wood in color individually for your needs.

Split-ply decks

Production of high-quality split-ply fingerboard decks. Layers are applied so that there is no space between them at all.

Exclusive veneer

Making deck from non-standard veneer. Thus, the deck is as blank and is very unique at the same time.

Heat-transfer graphics

Bright and colorful CMYK worn-out graphics like on most skateboards.

3D engraving

High-tech 3D engraving almost any 3D graphic design on your deck.

Laser engraving

It is also a 3D engraving with burn effect. Is better used for complex detailed graphics and thin fonts.

Order your turnkey fingerboard production now!

Pricing table

Blank decks from $4 per deck
Split-ply decks from $7 per deck
Exclusive veneer decks from $6 per deck
Heat-transfer graphic decks from $7 per deck
3D engraved decks from $6 per deck
Lazer engraved decks from $6 per deck